Spirituality (Pilgrimage 7 – 30th North America Catholic Conference)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 6 – Canonization of Brother Andre)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 5 – 28th North America Catholic Conference)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 4 – International Eucharistic Congress)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 3 – Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 2 – Fatima Shrine)

Spirituality (Pilgrimage 1 – Holy Land)

Spirituality (Jason Kwok’s Conversion Story)

Spirituality (The Passion of Christ)

Scouting History (1 Baden-Powell)

Scouting (Preparedness)

Media Interview (North Star News)

Media Interview (Green Life Magazine)

Scouting Life Magazine (Chinese Scouters Association)

Fun Of  Scouting (Dragon Jamborette 2004)

Fun Of  Scouting (Scout-Guide Week 2005)

Fun Of  Scouting (CN Tower Weekend Tour 2005)

Fun Of  Scouting (Tree Planting 2005)

Fun Of  Scouting (JOTT 2005)

Fun Of  Scouting (Canada Day Concert 2005)

Fun Of Scouting (Safari Camping 2005)

Fun Of  Scouting (Canoe Training Camp 2006)

Fun Of  Scouting (Finger Lake Tour 2007)

Fun Of Scouting (OBA Challenge 2011)

Fun Of Scouting (Queen’s Venturer Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award 2011)

Fun of Scouting (New Chairman of Chinese Scouters Association 2011)

Fun Of Scouting (Scout Mass 2012)

Fun Of Scouting (Tree Planting 2012)

Fun Of Scouting (Duke of Edinburgh Award 2012)

Fun Of Scouting (Dragon Jamborette 2012)
Fun Of Scouting (Apple Day 2012)
Fun Of Scouting (OBA Challenge 2012)
Fun Of Scouting (Winteree 2013)
Fun Of Scouting (Tree Planting 2013)
Fun Of Scouting (Buffalo Encampment 2013)
Fun Of Scouting (Scout Fun Day 2013)
Scout Youth 10 Years Reflection by( Timothy Law)
Scout Youth 10 years Reflection  by (Jana Kwok)
Scout Youth 10 years Reflection by (Anthony Lee)
Scout Youth 10 years Reflection by (Derek Ho)
Scout Youth 10 Years Reflection by (Nevin Lau)
Remembrance Day Service 2014
Beaver Wintree 2015

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