Salute, Handshake

Scout Salute

The salute is a sign of respect and friendship. When you salute a leader or another Cub you use a special sign. The salute is made with the palm face out and the thumb holding down the little finger. Bringing the saluting hand up to the head, with the fingers toughing the brow, forms a full salute. A half salute is performed by holding the saluting hand at the shoulder. The three finger salute represents the three aspects of the Scout promise; Honour God and the King, Help Others and Obey the Scout Law.

Scout Handshake

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Cubbing and Scouting, once met an African chief who greeted him by shaking hands with the left hand. The chief explained that the left handshake was a sign of trust, because you would lay down your shield to do so. Today Cubs and Scouts shake hands with the left hand. It is a sign that they are all members of the Worldwide Scouting family.

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